International Journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology (IJLRST)


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International journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology(IJLRST) is an openly accessible journal published Bi-Monthly. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new researchs and developments in different areas of Science and Technology. International journal of Latest Research in Science and Technology(IJLRST) publishes highly rich articles. The journal combines miltiple disciplines - including Science , Technology , Medicine , Biology. This multiple-disciplinary journal publishes research on theoretical,clinical and practicle achievments in the fields of science and technology.The goal of the journal is to show how these disciplines benefit each other.

Topics Covered

Software Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electronics & Comm. Engineering

Biological Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Textile Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Engineering Science

Agricultural engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Information Technology

Applied Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Financial Engineering

Geo Engineering

Military Engineering

Ocean Engineering

Planetary Engineering

Systems Engineering

Materials Engineering

Material Science and Engineering

Automobile Engineering

Molecular engineering

Structural engineering

Power engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Nuclear engineering

Petroleum engineering

Acoustics Science

Aeronautics Science

Agronomy Science

Anatomy Science

Anthropology Science

Archaeology Science

Astronomy Science

Astrophysics Science

Bacteriology Science

Biochemistry Science

Biology Science

Botany Science

Chemistry Science

Optics Science

Geography Science

Geology Science

Geophysics Science

Hematology Science

Mechanics Science

Medicine Science

Thermodynamics Science

Also not limited to this list


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