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Peer Review Process of IJLRST

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      We at  IJLRST understand the importance of peer review process in upholding quality of scholarly publications. Once manuscript is received (online) from  different authors it passes from following stages .









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We welcome to our new editorial member ______________________

Dr. Pruneanu Stela Maria Senior Researcher at National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, 67-103 Donat Street, Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA, 400293.

Journal Impact Factor : 3.35

We welcome our International advisor editorial member ________________________

Dr.SWAPNIL LILADHAR FEGADE Researcher Engineer (Postdoctoral), Ohio University Office: Stocker 402A, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701, United States of America


Dr. Nitin Choudhary,Postdoctoral Associate,University of Central Florida,Orlando, Florida-32826,United States of America has  become International Advisor Editorial Member.

Text Box: Deadline    : 20, October , 2017
Notification  : Within 5 ,Days
Publication : 31, October , 2017

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If you are interested to be a reviewer, Plz fill up the prescribed registration  form and send it to  us at editorial.ijlrst@gmail.com

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The  Manuscript  received is first handled by IJLRST journal management team .During this stage manuscript is checked for plagiarism and grammatical errors. Use of different high quality reliable software's to detect plagiarized content and grammatical errors in manuscript .


After successful passing this step, manuscript assigns with unique code and decision regarding primary acceptance is communicated to corresponding author. Coded manuscript then forwarded for blindfolded review process.


Primarily accepted manuscript then forwarded for reviewers evaluation (three reviewers). Reviewers are selected by IJLRST journal management team on given parameters. All three reviewers are provided with template of reviewers report to facilitate structured review format. Reviewers need to submit their evaluation report within 10 working days.


Evaluation report received by any two reviewers (first come basis) then analysed by  Editor In chief  for  publishing it in upcoming issue.


 Further if any abnormalities have been found in the manuscript , author will ask for making the changes and resubmit the manuscript.


Corrected manuscript then handled by journal editorial team for possible copyediting. Copyright form, ethical clearance letter.


Authors are then communicated about the publication of corrected manuscript in

upcoming issue of IJLRST .


 This process may take few days depending upon reviewers’ response on         manuscript evaluation. Process ensures that identity of reviewers is kept               confidential and cannot be revealed to authors.



On the basis of review report received , An acceptance letter is sent to the Author and ask for the copyright form and article processing charge



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