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Volume 2 ,Issue 6 2013

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Fuzzy Control of a Non-linear System with Inverse Response:Van de Vusse Reaction

Hugo Ojeda-Elizarras, Rafael Maya-Yescas, Salvador Hernández Castro, Juan Gabriel Segovia Hernández and Agustin Jaime Castro-Montoya


México  [ Download Full Paper ]  Paper Id- 11-19112013


Tuning the catalytic property of Pt/graphene using small organic molecule


Wu Qin, Lingnan Wu, Dongteng Long, Changqing Dong, Yongping Yang


China    [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 12-19112013


EL-gendi Nodal Galerkin Method for Solving Linear and Nonlinear Partial Fractional Space Equations

M.E-Kady, Salah M. E-Sayed,  Heba. E. Salem


Egypt     [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 15-21112013


Reinforcing AAC Masonry Using  Polymeric fabric

Claudiu Lucian Matei


Romania [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 25-18122013


A Generalized Geometric Factor for Unified Scaling Law for Bio-sensor based on Nanostructures of Gold

Jui-Teng Lin


Taiwan   [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 20-30112013


An Enhanced Multimodal Sound Localization with Humanlike Auditory System for Intelligent Service Robots

Keun-Chang Kwak


Korea   [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 28-25122013


Comparative Analysis on the Legislative Requirements of Wastewater Disposal in Water Bodies for Africa and North America

Mircea-Vlad Mureșan ,Marius-Danie Roman, Elena Maria Pică


Romania [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 27-24122013


An Efficient Image Enhancement Algorithm for Sonar Data

Hoai-Nam Ho,Jong-Jae Lee,Chul Park,Byung-Wan Jo


Korea    [ Download Full Paper ]  Paper Id- 31-25122013


Application of Urban Hydrological Model for Prediction of Runoff from Agriculture Dominated Area

Shigeki Harada,Kazuki Endo


Japan [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 32-25122013


Effect of Surfactants on the Thermal Decomposition of Li7La3Zr2O12 Ceramics Powder

Lukman Hakim Hussin, Mohd Hafiz Yaakob, Nafisah Osman, Nurul Asyikin Mazlan


Malaysia [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 35-24102013


Influence of nutrients addition in the start-up and stabilization of an anaerobic biofilm reactor with standardized commercial substrate

Arturo Alvarado-Lassmann, Yarely de Jesús Aguilar-Montor, Norma A. Vallejo Cantú, Juan Manuel Méndez-Contreras, Albino Martínez-Sibaja, Alejandro Alvarado-Lassman


México   [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 40-26122013


Geographic Clustering Optimization with Variable Neighborhood Search: A Multiobjective Approach

María B. Bernábe, Elías Olivares, María A. Osorio,  Rogelio González, Abraham Sánchez


México  [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 41-31122013


Prediction of the Shift of Dominated Phytoplankton Species form Diatoms to Flagellates in Accordance with Decreasing Silicate in the Surface Waters Using A System Dynamics Model

Shigeki Harada, Toshiaki Aoki


Japan    [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 39-25122013


Short Study about Removing the Black Crust formed by the Influence of SO2, NOX, CO2 on Saint Michael’s Church Masonry in Cluj-Napoca, Romania ,by Chemical and Physical Methods

Elena Maria Pică, Ioana Popişter, Zuzana Slížková, Valer Micle


Romania  [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 24-12122013


Visual Object Recognition, Tracking and Control for Automated Video Surveillance system

Archana R Borse and Dilip  S Patil


India     [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 5-07112013


Effect of grog addition on the technological properties of ceramic brick

 B. Rajamannan,  G.Viruthagiri and K.Suresh Jawahar


India    [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 14-20112013


An Introduction to Applicability of Lean in Shipbuilding

Sandeep  Phogat      


India    [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 17-24112013


Validation of Producer Gas Carburetor Using CFD

Shivkumar biradar, Ebinezar, Raj Reddy


India     [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 16-24112013


 Traditional Use of Animals among Santhals of Bankura District

Tarak nath Ghosh , Ramamrita Singhamahapatra1, Fatik Baran Mandal


India     [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 18-26112013


Introduction to JIT: A Review

Sandeep  Phogat      


India     [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 20-24112013



An Optimized Solution of Elimination of Harmonics using Resultant Theory

S. K. Purushothaman


India     [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 20-21102013


Role of NGOs in Capacity Building Adolescents Girls In India

Dr. K. Prabhakar


India     [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 26-21122013


An approach to find the transition probabilities in Markov Chain for Early Prediction of Software Reliability

Hitesh Rajput,Lalit Kumar Singh


India     [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 29- 25122013



The Trouble with JIT in Military Operations – A Review

Sandeep  Phogat       


India     [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 24-24112013


Causes of Female Infertility : A Corss-Sectional Study

G. Sudha and K.S.N. Reddy


India     [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 3-5112013


Rightside-Left  β-Numbers 

Ammar Seddiq Mahmood, Shukriyah  Sabir Ali 


Iraq     [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id- 9-18112013



Sonia Attanasio,Angela Carelli,Lucio Cappelli,Patrizia Papetti


Italy     [ Download Full Paper ] Paper Id– 27-51051120103



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